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carlfugate(1)          User Manuals         carlfugate(1)

    carlfugate - Geek, Dad, Maker, Electronics tinkerer

    carlfugate [-verbose [-c geekparamters ] file ...

    Carl Fugate is a self described Technologist, Tinkerer and
    Maker.  By day, he is a Network Infrastructure Architect
    helping large Enterprises solve business challenges with
    technology.  In between, he focuses on being a father of
    two boys (Thing 1 and Thing 2), working with electronics,
    and spending time outdoors at his farm.

    As a relatively new "Maker", he spends a lot of time trying
    to expand his skills by learning from other people.  He
    participates in several groups including SecKC through which
    he has met up with several like minded people.  Together
    they co-founded BadgePirates to make electronic conference
    badges the first of which was completed for SecKC attendees
    for Defcon 25.

    The BadgePirates crew in 2017 participated at the KC Maker
    Faire along with CCCKC in the "Learn to Solder" booth where
    over 400 children and adults were shown how to solder a
    blinky badge they could take home.

     -    stdin (BEER/BBQ)

     -b   Carl's Networking / Technology Blog - sdpackets.net

     -c   computers, networking, electronics

     -HAM WA0QDW - Whiskey Alpha Zero Quebec Delta Whiskey

     -G   GitHub repositories.  https://github.com/carlfugate

    Born and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City, Carl is a
    midwest native. Currently he calls Louisburg, KS home a
    short distance from his farm just across the state line
    in Cleveland, MO.

    He started his career in Networking at Sprint in 2000,
    working up through the ranks from the Network Operations
    Center (NOC) and becoming a Subject Matter Expert (SME)
    before leaving in 2008 to go to Capgemini.
    At Capgemini, he currently leads Network Architecture and
    consults with Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

    Carl has been invited to participate in the Network industry
    groups as a member of the Dell Networking Technology Advisory
    Board (TAB) and more recently as a delegate at Gestalt IT
    Network Field Day 13 & 14.
    He was also a guest on the Network Collective Webcast
    Episode 1. 

    Too numerous to mention, however the
    overall program is extremely useful, stable and reliable.

    Carl Fugate - carlfugate@gmail.com
    twitter: @carlfugate


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